Courlas Realty Home Rebate Program

How our Home Rebate Program Works

Courlas Realty Offers a 1.5% Home Rebate Program

Learn how we have saved our clients over $1,00,000,000 in rebates and discounts!

What does Courlas Home Rebate Program Offer You?

• Buyer representation & knowledgeable consultation
• Guided step by step through home buying process
• A support line for pre-approval letter & obtaining lender financing
• Exclusive access to the most current available homes for sale
• We make the offers & write the contracts so you don’t have to
• Handling of all paperwork including forms, documents & disclosures.
• Negotiate pricing and terms favorable to our client
• Coordination and communication with Inspectors
• Negotiate seller paid repairs
• Conduct the final buyer’s walk-through
• Attend closing services (signing of closing documents)
• Saving our clients cold hard cash!!!

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How Much Will Your Rebate Be?

What is a typical Home Buyer Rebate?

This is when your agent returns a portion of the commission fees, they receive on your home purchase. Normally, the Seller pays the Buyer’s agent a commission. This typically totals 3% of the home’s purchase price, but this commission or options are rarely discussed with the Buyer. 


Let’s say you have a house for sale at $400,000 for example. 

The industry average for a real estate commission on this home would be 6% of the total final sale price. Both the seller’s agent and buyer’s agent would split that down the middle for a commission of 3% per agent. Totaling a payout of $12,000 EACH on that home. Generally, the Buyer’s agent keeps the full buyers commission rebate, and shares it with their agency. This commission is almost never used to help the buyer with their purchase or their needs.


At Courlas Realty We Charge Half of What Most of Our Competitors Would Offer You!

Our team with over 20 years of experience is dedicated to bringing you the biggest savings, and most harmonious experience possible. That’s why 



Our Home Rebate Program is straightforward.

 Instead of taking that full 3% we give you 1.5% back in cash! 

When you choose Courlas Realty as your real estate company, 

you would receive a $6,000 rebate on that same exact $400,000 home. 

No tricks, no loop holes, just honest savings and a professional service that has our clients backs!


At Courlas Realty Our top local agents  with extensive knowledge of the industry, and the Colorado Springs area 

assist our buyers through our Home Buyer Rebate process step by step. We send 50% of the buyer’s commission rebate back to our clients. 

These welcome funds often help them relocate to their new Colorado Springs properties with ease.

Courlas Realty has paid out over $1,000,000 in Rebates and Discounts! That extra

money can come in handy for closing costs, upgrades to your new home, moving
expenses, or however you see best fit. It’s your money after all!

Courlas Realty's Home Rebate Program Strives to Benefit You!

We know that buying a home is already stressful enough. That’s why we hustle and aim to make this a relaxed process and enjoyable experience for our clients. We understand that a home is much more than just a house. So, skip the stress and let us find you your dream home for the perfect price today! 

You wouldn’t pay double for anything else, so why pay double for real estate services? Don’t miss out!

Click Here or Dial (719) 470-0898 to call our expert team and learn more on how we’ll keep more money in your pockets guaranteed 

Don’t Accept the gift basket, Take the cash instead! 

Also, be sure to check out our up to date, and exclusive list of homes and lots we have to offer you HERE

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*Based on 3% buyer agent commission. Buyer will receive 50% of total commission earned by agent up to 1.5% at time of closing. All rebates must be disclosed to lender. In all cases, you may choose to have the money applied as a credit towards your closing costs, or your pre-paid expenses. A Rebate form will be provided once a contract to buy and sell real estate (residential) is accepted. Your rebate will be shown in the closing settlement sheets and on the closing disclosure (CD). In all cases the rebate will be subject to the lenders final approval.

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